Who is Real Estate Solutions?

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A property management franchise business model no one else can match

Most PM franchisors don’t talk about this, but their entire property management franchise model relies on franchisees being trained to sell.

Real Estate Solutions offers you something different.

Something much better.

Our business model is lightyears ahead of the competition in terms of efficiency and execution, and this means more profit for franchisees per door, and more doors that can be added and managed effectively – with less payroll.

Time is money and this is never more true than in property management.

Our flagship office in Centennial, CO has been proving the model since 2010 with constant, impressive year-over-year growth. Yep, even during COVID.

Our ability to add quality doors, quickly, and to manage them with the least amount of time invested, is unmatched.

A True Competitive Advantage. Efficiency.

Company culture is built into our systems

Spending just 1 minute extra per door per month by processing paper rent on a 500-door operation adds an entire workday to your month.

If you’re paying someone $25/hour to process rent, that’s $207.50 wasted every month.

Plus the opportunity cost (they could be doing something to further your mission.)

This is exactly the kind of bottleneck the RES systems seek to eliminate outright.

It may not seem like much, but most of our competitors don’t even consider “processing rent” an area for opportunity.

For us, any “touch” of any property, of any amount of time spent, is something we evaluate for more efficiency.

This is the approach we teach to franchisees.

You will have systems and processes at your fingertips that help you maintain this level of efficiency.

Every new efficiency that RES implements give us a bigger and bigger lead over the competition. Balancing efficiency with incredible customer service and communication is how we position our business.

All your new doors, past a certain point, will be based on referrals from your existing satisfied clients.

We assure you the other guys are not evaluating efficiency at this scale. They just want your franchise dollars. They will sell YOU and try to train you to sell landlords.

We believe in significant training

Comprehensive and ongoing training, and an academic mindset.

It never ends for any of us, and as a franchisee, you’ll have access to the founders of the company on a regular basis for ongoing training.

The most important part of our training is teaching you “how to think” as an elite RES operator.

When you’re making money with your brain vs. your hands you have to adopt an academic mindset. You have to want to know everything you can, you have to be willing to do research when needed and you have to be willing to change processes and systems as needed, to remove bottlenecks.

That is all part of the RES company culture.

If you become a franchisee, you’ll be incorporated into this system of shared knowledge and lightning-fast improvements to our daily operations.

Once we pilot changes, we push them downstream for adoption by franchisees to make their operation just that much better. Continuous improvement and ongoing training are indispensable in property management.

We are excited for you to begin your journey with RES – it all starts here.