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Systems and processes for your operations in a way no one else can offer.

After all, it's not just about adding doors. Efficiently managing them is where money is made or lost.

Property management franchise proven marketing

Proven Marketing

The bottom line in property management is that you have to win the battle for doors. Landlords are going to talk to multiple local property managers, and you need them to hire you.

With that in mind, our marketing is simply outstanding. Our marketing will get you in contact with prospective clients, and the RES value proposition will be unmatched in your area when it comes to closing the deal.

Property management franchise corporate power

Large Corporate Power

We leverage all the benefits of a large corporation – the streamlined website, the highest and best uses of current technology, pricing at scale – but with the swiftness and personal touches of a very small company. We can turn on a dime.

Our processes are constantly evolving and improving because we are never complacent. Our company mindset, whether it’s with 5 franchise units or 500, will always be the same. We are here to compete and here to win.

Property management franchise proven success

Investment in your success

Since 2008 a lot of companies have come and gone. The pandemic has wiped out thousands of businesses. RES has not only survived, the RES Affiliate (HQ as it is often referred to) has thrived.

Our business model has thrived in over a decade of turbulent economic times, with the Denver office consistent and steady year-over-year growth.

We’ve operated in multiple states and cities, each with completely different real estate markets and demographics. As a franchisee, you can rest assured that what you’ve bought into is a proven system with incredible franchisee support from experienced professionals.

Property management systems and processes

Systems & Processes

We could geek out on this for hours (probably, days) because it’s the cornerstone of who we are. Yes, all companies have systems, but none are implemented like ours.

This is where the money truly is made (or lost) in property management. It all comes down to “how much time is spent per door, per month?” That number should be as close to zero as possible, while still offering world-class service to the client.

We’ve been told low pricing and industry leading service can’t be combined, but we’ve been quietly doing it since 2008. Our stellar Google Reviews reiterate the point that it can absolutely be done.

Property management franchise fees and royalties

Franchise fees, startup fees, ongoing royalties

Our fees are the lowest among our competitors. It may not always be this way, but we are still new to selling franchises and we will reward the early adopters.

This is a potentially huge benefit to you as a franchisee who gets in on the ground floor.

Property management franchise training


Everyone offers training, but not like us. We are still small enough to give you time with the owners and founders of the operation, as well as dedicated and seasoned staff.

Our training is extensive, ongoing, and we won’t nickel-and-dime any franchisees who need additional support. Franchisees are a top priority, your success is the success of the RES Brand.

Property management franchise brand recoginition

The myth of brand recognition

Don’t overthink this. We are not selling a Mcdonald’s franchise. Landlords -your future clients- are unlikely to have ever seen or heard a property management commercial.

We know - from thousands of properties managed successfully since 2008 - that your future clients are hiring their property manager based on pricing and services first and foremost. This consideration is followed by the influence of conversations with neighbors, family, friends, reviewing online reputations, as well as from referrals from professionals such as their Realtor.

This knowledge has been systemized by us as the franchisor in a manner that puts you in the driver's seat for the quest to add doors. Our marketing package (and training and guidance) combine to put you top-of-mind for landlords. And like everything RES, the way you will market your business for new doors is designed around our same culture of maximizing effiicency, profitability and ROI.

Property management franchise profitability

The profitability of the system

Ultimately, this is what matters the most. ROI, ROT (Return on Time), and ROS (Return on Stress). Our system has proven numbers showing amazing profitability.

The percentage of each dollar of revenue that goes into your pocket as an RES franchisee is incredible. There are few, if any, businesses with less overhead.

We’ve been proving this model for well over a decade now – revenue goes up, while overhead stays mostly flat.

Why Real Estate Solutions?

A CEO connected to daily operations.

Our founders, Greg and Lisa Weik are also constantly connected to the daily operation of the Denver HQ – an office that runs the same systems, processes, and procedures as every franchised location. They are constantly piloting and evaluating new technology, new approaches, streamlining checklists, and more. The culture of continuous improvement is one that all of us at Real Estate Solutions, truly value.

This means that you have the same people who created and honed the franchise system, constantly working at improving every aspect of the business. The responsibilities for driving efficiencies and improvements are shared among our elite Team Members and Franchisees but never delegated to some mid-level manager.